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Heel Straps

Heel Grounder Premium

  • Can be used on all shoes except high heels.
  • Adjustable elasticated straps provide extra comfort for
  • Quick release buckle in strap.
  • Slips on and off without adjusting straps.
  • Reinforced black conductive rubber on the outside with
    non-scuffing insulative rubber inside.
  • Fitted 1 MΩ resistor.
  • Charge decay 5000V to zero < 2 sec.
  • Conforms to IEC 61340-5. 
Part No Description Unit
75252 Heel Grounder Premium Each

Disposable Heel Grounder

  • Comfortable to wear, yellow for easy identification.
  • Designed for visitors to the EPA or for one-time use;
    fits all shoes.
  • Fits womens shoes.
  • RG: 10E5 to 10E7 Ohms.
Part No Description Unit
75274 Disposable Heel Grounder Pkt 100